This is an innovative web app which allows a company to gather insights about customer views and preferences, ultimately informing future decisions.
Web App allows companies to create campaigns and post them on a timeline that best suits the target audience and produces reports in a graphical format for easy inference. Simple-to-use, it is an app that helps reach large numbers of both present customers and future prospects.

The Problem
Our client wanted a survey app which could be installed on both Android and iPhone and a back-end from where campaigns could be managed. When analyzed, we realized this was an advanced concept. Feedback and improvisation were also carried out simultaneously, as part of organic design and development.

The Challenge

Creating a website that can handle huge amounts of Data and Traffic

The app is aimed at a large range and volume of users. A large and resilient database was one critical requirement. Another was that the site should be easy-to-load, even when experiencing heavy traffic.

Creating Dashboards

The surveys collected information from users, turning the combined results into graphical representations of the data for presentation. It was not easy to manage the population of graphs with direct data.

Testing for Scalability and Performance

The front-end pages of the survey were designed for mobile platforms but transferring and testing the functionality of these on other devices proved to be difficult.

The Solution

MongoDB Database made the Front-End lightweight
We used MongoLab to provide a Database service; this reduced the load at the server, making the front-end really fast. The app uploads in no time, making participating in a survey less time-consuming for participants. This is one of the major reasons why companies prefer this app.
Applying JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
JSON, a lightweight data-interchange format, eased the representation of data in graphical format, using API. Since this is easy for machines to parse and generate, this proved the best solution for dashboard creation.
Auto-updates for the users, with Underscore.js
We created a one-page web app using Underscore.js as the template framework, downloadable as a single page in web view. Hence there was not need to hit the server every time there was an update, removing the requirement to download different pages.
Using jMeter for Performance and Scalability
jMeter, created to test Web Applications, is now also used for testing functional behaviour and measuring performance. We also applied it to testing our product, resolving the problems of performance and scalability.


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