Client system  is an innovative SaaS platform for producing and selling electronic gift certificates, which is today a standard in electronic commerce. The company  providing its customers with a completely new and unique service for the market.


  • Creation of online store to sell electronic gift certificates
  • Portal required that guaranteed secure payment for certificates
  • CRM system, providing transparency for certificate users from the date of purchase and before use
  • Integration with existing online retail stores


  • Dedicated team of professionals involved in development project
  • Creating API so System functionality can be accessed on any online device
  • Development of SaaS widget for online retailers
  • Support for further development of online store


  • Rapid growth of DB-Online  is result of effective design
  • Creating a system with a high service transparency, modern user interface and flexible, scalable architecture
  • New version of online store helped client become popular portal and industry standard for electronic processing of gift certificates


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