The Problem
Client are a Medway based designer and manufacturer of innovative special purpose assembly and test equipment. Their manufacturing process requires hundreds of purchase orders to be generated on a monthly basis. The process of creating and maintaining the PO process had been historically managed using Excel spreadsheets. As with any spreadsheet solution, it starts out as a great way to manage a process, but can soon become unmanageable as the spreadsheets and complexity requirements grow.

We could develop a database to streamline this process and provide a simple but more robust method for managing this time consuming part of the business.

The Solution
The process started with a series of requirement gathering sessions, and once we felt we had enough information, a sketch based version of the system was developed to demonstrate how we felt it would function. Following a number of refinements, we were able to take a detailed specification through to development and delivered a working solution within a relatively short timeframe. Built using the Microsoft ASP.net framework and an MS SQL database, the system can be accessed from any internet browser, whether it's in or out of the office and has made a dramatic improvement to this part of the business.


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